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Tribalene™ ( Tea in tablet form)

Tribalene™ ( Tea in tablet form)


These tablets are made with the same ingredients as the Jason Winters Tea, with Capsicum added. 

The ideal answer to the question. "How can I receive the wonderful benefits of Jason Winter's Tea when I'm on the go?" 

This is the most convenient, quickest way to acquire the wonderful effects of the herbal combination. It is not broken down in potency by digestion, but absorbs straight into the system when the tablet dissolves in the stomach. Easy to use anytime, anywhere. 

Suggested Use: As an herbal supplement, take one tablet before each meal and one at bedtime.

Contains: Red Clover Flowers, Indian Sage Leaf, Herbalene (special spice) and Capsicum. 

Quantity: 100 Tablets


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