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Chlorophyll has been called the "blood of plants."


It is responsible for one of nature's greatest feats, which is harnessing solar energy and converting it into plant nutrition. 


In the human body, it performs even more wonders:

It enhances the functioning of all tissues and organs and generally perks up basic metabolism.

Cell growth is heightened.

Heart and hermatogenic action and dilation of distal blood vessels are stimulated.

Even Hemoglobin building elements in the blood, vital to proper delivery of cell nutrition in the body, get a boost.

Chlorophyll has also been shown to act against bacteria growth thus minimizing infections. It is anti-allergenic, a fast healing stimulant for gastric ulcers and hyper-acidity, and a lot more. 


Suggested Use: As a dietary tonic, take 2 - 4 drops in a glass of distilled water, in the morning & before bedtime or as a desired. 100% non-toxic. 

Net weight: 1 oz.

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